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Classical Liberal Arts Education

St. Peter’s Classical School is a college preparatory school that is informed and guided by the teachings of Orthodox Christianity.



  • Cultivating
    the intellect
  • +
  • Building
  • +
  • Nurturing
    the life of the spirit
Girl reading book beside globe

We may be Small,
But we are Mighty

Small Class Size = Individual Attention

At St. Peter’s, we dedicate ourselves to providing students with a stellar education an environment that fosters growth and intellect. Capped class sizes allow our teachers to become better acquainted with each child’s learning style, providing the individual attention needed to instill a great love of learning.

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Rooted in

Classical Education At-a-Glance

St. Peter’s is a classical school, which means the content of our curriculum refers to traditional works of literature, history, philosophy, and theology. These classics are admired not because they are old; rather they are old because they have continued to ring true with people of many eras, cultures, and languages.

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Boy with glasses reading book
Boy praying

Faith beyond
the classroom

The Role of Orthodox Christianity

Though we are not a school of religious catechism, our theological studies are built around readings of the Bible, Church History, and Christian classics. We begin each day with prayer, scripture, and hymns; and our school’s calendar takes into account important days and seasons in the life of the Church. All students and families are welcome.

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We hope you will join us for a tour and learn what makes St. Peter’s so special.
During your visit you will walk through our campus, observe our learning environment and ask any questions you have.