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Classical education places a strong emphasis on the proper and effective use of language in both its spoken and written forms. Here at St. Peter’s, we provide our students with a thorough course of instruction in grammar and encourage our students to be well spoken in their interactions with their teachers and fellow students. Our students also receive careful instruction in writing. Students receive formal instruction in writing theory, and then practice that theory by analyzing and imitating well-written pieces. Their writing is also trained through a detailed and multi-year course of instruction in penmanship.

Complementing our instruction in grammar is our literature program. Classical education aspires to set before the student the highest and best forms of literature that humanity has produced, works that have endured and been cherished because of their quality and timeless themes. Our students receive a thorough course of instruction in history, with a strong emphasis on the western tradition.

Our curriculum is rounded out with a thorough and rigorous course of instruction in math and science. Students work through basic math and science concepts in the lower school and advance on to classes in algebra, geometry, calculus, chemistry, and physics in the middle and upper school.

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Classical Languages

A thorough knowledge of and facility with language has always been one of the central tenets of classical education. Traditionally, classical educators have taught Latin and Greek, and St. Peter’s Classical School steadfastly carries on that tradition.

Study of classical languages builds mental discipline in students, provides a foundation for them to understand English as well as other modern European languages, provides them with access to the Scriptures and important literary works in their original languages, and cultivates both a greater awareness of the importance of all languages and a confidence in their ability to use them well.


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